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Yes'n'You launches its new English learning App, Speaken in Spain

01/02/2018 speaken web

Yes’n’You, a leading EdTech company, has launched a new App with the aim of practising English anytime, anywhere, with natives speakers, directly from a smartphone.

The app allows complete flexibility – when, where, how long, audio or video conversation. All it requires is a simple sign in to get connected to a tutor who is already online or to book a session in advance. To personalise the experience, you can even choose your tutor based on their interests, location, gender etc. At the end of each conversation, the learner receives marks on oral fluency, quality of expression and lexical and grammatical usage. Even better, the learner receives a recording of the conversation which allows them to play it back and keep a track of their progress. 

Located on a specially designed platform, the App allows both audio and video conversations (the learners’ choice) and through a series of filters using both tutor and learner profiles, the App will recommend tutors or allow the learner to choose based on accent, gender, interests etc. 

Designed for companies, the App offers a Learning Manager dashboard for training managers which gives them control over the number of hours available, their distribution and allows them to check on the progress of their learners.

This App is perfect for those people who, despite having a good level of English, have problems speaking”, says Kate Teesdale, Managing Director of Yes’n’You Spain. “And if you have an up-coming presentation or even holidays, then a few minutes practice every day, can really make the difference. Whilst learners can choose the duration of their call, from five minutes up to an hour, the average is 15 minutes a day, and just interacting in English on a daily basis, even for 10-15 minutes, can make a huge difference in oral fluency. We are very excited to launch the app in Spain – it’s a real game changer!

For more information, and a free demonstration, contact Kate at,

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